Provider FAQs

Following are the most common questions we receive about ChoiceCare Network from providers. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, feel free to Contact Us

ChoiceCare Network

I am a participating provider with the ChoiceCare Network. How can I obtain a Fee Schedule?

We can provide you with a listing of the top 250 CPT codes utilized by contracted providers. In order to provide this information, we will need your name, address and Tax Identification Number. Please submit this information by Contacting Us and specifying your request. If a specific CPT code was not provided, please contact our Provider Relations Department at 1-800-626-2741 (8am-6pm, Monday-Friday) for additional assistance.

How do I update my demographic information with the ChoiceCare Network?

To update your demographic information, we request that you please inform us of the current information displayed and how this information should be corrected. You can submit this information to the ChoiceCare Network through four methods:

  • You may submit your demographic changes with the e-form, Contacting Us
  • You may relate your demographic changes by calling provider relations at 800-626-2741
  • You may fax your demographic changes to provider relations at 800-626-1686
  • You may send your demographic changes via post to this address:
    ChoiceCare Network
    333 Main St
    Fifth Floor
    Green Bay, WI 54301

Is the ChoiceCare Network nationally recognized?

ChoiceCare Network's commitment to maintaining access to quality providers is recognized by URAC, a leading accreditation organization for the health care industry. ChoiceCare is fully accredited with URAC for Health Network and Credentialing.

If my patients access the ChoiceCare Network, do they also have access to the National Transplant Network?

No. The ChoiceCare Network and the National Transplant Network are offered separately. Refer to your benefit

National Transplant Network

What is the National Transplant Network?

The National Transplant Network is a network of facilities with transplant programs that are available to provide members with transplant services.

What types of transplants does the National Transplant Network offer?

The National Transplant Network offers services for all covered solid organ transplants and stem cell transplants.

What types of transplants are covered?

Transplant benefits are specific to the member's health plan. The National Transplant Network does not have access to health plan information or benefits eligibility. Please contact the member's employer or refer to the phone number on the member's insurance card for questions about plan eligibility or benefits.

How does the National Transplant Network select the facilities in its transplant network?

We review programs based on quality statistics that are publicly available and reflect the most important aspects of transplant care: patient outcomes, volumes and wait times. For information about National Transplant Network selection criteria view Guidelines for Transplant Programs

Who determines which facility within the National Transplant Network a member will use?

The member and their doctor will select which National Transplant Network program is most appropriate for them.

If my patients access the National Transplant Network, do they also have access to the ChoiceCare Network?

No. The ChoiceCare Network and the National Transplant Network are offered separately. Refer to your benefit administrator to determine your specific network for general medical benefits.