Accessing the ChoiceCare Network

While we've made every effort to provide useful guidance on this Website, your employer's plan may vary. We recommend that you check your health plan materials for details about the providers you have access to and your plan's policies.

ChoiceCare Network is not an insurance company

ChoiceCare Network is a network of providers – physicians, hospitals, facilities, and health professionals – who provide medical services covered by a health plan. In-network physicians and other providers listed here are not the agents, employees, or partners of ChoiceCare Network or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. They are independent contractors.

ChoiceCare Network does not endorse or control the clinical judgement or treatment recommendations made by physicians or other providers in the network. Please contact your employer or refer to the phone number on your insurance card for questions regarding plan eligibility or claims, customer service and benefit information.

Finding ChoiceCare Network Providers

Your health plan may not include access to all ChoiceCare Network providers. Therefore, do not use the Physician Finder or provider directories available on this Website to find ChoiceCare Network providers unless your health plan directs you to do so.

If your health plan includes access to ChoiceCare Network providers, please visit your health plan Website first or call the phone number on your insurance card. For your convenience, we have listed our Representative Clients offering ChoiceCare Network.

While we've made every effort to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, network participation is subject to change. We recommend that you contact the provider to be sure that a provider is currently participating in ChoiceCare Network and accepting new patients. ChoiceCare Network is not liable for any uncovered charges or other losses or damages that may result from using this site or receiving care from a provider listed on this site.