Choice, access, and ease of use

As a health plan member with access to ChoiceCare Network, you have several advantages:

  • Wide choice of providers: ChoiceCare Network offers access to one of the largest provider networks in the nation, with more than 500,000 providers and 2,700 hospitals in the network. The network includes all types of providers, in both urban and rural areas.
  • Nationwide access: You can receive in-network benefits through any ChoiceCare Network provider nationwide.
  • Easy to find in-network providers: Network providers are listed in printed directories and our online search tool. Plus, the ChoiceCare Network logo appears prominently on your member ID cards, so it’s easy for provider offices to confirm network participation and claims payment terms.
Accessing the ChoiceCare Network

Find out how to find which providers are in your plan’s network. Your health plan may not include access to all ChoiceCare Network providers, so you should use the search features on this Website only if your health plan directs you to do so.

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