Network Statistics

ChoiceCare Network offers customers access to one of the largest provider networks in the nation. With more than 460,000 providers and 2,700 hospitals participating in the network, ChoiceCare provides nationwide access to all types of providers, in both urban and rural markets.

Summary of In-network ChoiceCare Providers

Our nationwide network includes:

  • Primary Care Physicians – more than 93,400
  • OB/GYNs – more than 22,900
  • Pediatricians – more than 37,500
  • Other Specialists – more than 217,600
  • Ancillary Facilities – more than 63,900
  • Hospitals – more than 3,100
  • Other Health Professionals – more than 192,600

The statistics above represent unique provider counts – not counts of provider office locations.

Network Statistics

You can also view ChoiceCare provider counts by state.

View: Network Composition Statistics

National Transplant Network

When a member chooses a program or facility in the National Transplant Network, they get the most from their benefits.

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