Specialty Solutions

ChoiceCare Network offers customers access to one of the largest provider networks in the nation. With more than 460,000 providers and 2,700 hospitals participating in the network, ChoiceCare provides nationwide access to all types of providers, in both urban and rural markets.


Humana offers a full range of consumer-driven and traditional health plans for fully insured and self funded groups.


One of the top dental insurance companies in the nation, HumanaDental is available as a stand-alone plan, in conjunction with medical plans, or as network for third party clients.


The life plan offers basic and supplemental life insurance coverage. The plan is simple, easy to use, and includes many standard features.

TPA services

As your Third Party Administrator (TPA), Kanawha HealthCare Solutions (KHS) provides long term health cost control solutions to self-funded employers by creating custom services and employee-focused benefit plans, processing and managing claims activity.

Voluntary benefits

To supplement basic medical coverage, Humana Specialty Benefits offers a comprehensive range of voluntary benefits and services that offer employees financial security with no direct costs to the employer - including supplemental health, accident protection, AD&D, cancer, and critical illness.

Humana Pharmacy Solutions

Humana Pharmacy Solutions provides choice, flexibility, and transparency with pharmacy-only and integrated medical-pharmacy benefit plans designed to cut costs and encourage consumerism for both members and employers.

Health and Productivity Solutions

As Humana's behavioral and behavior change division, LifeSynch synchronizes the power of the mind and body to enhance the health and productivity of the consumer. We integrate medical and behavioral health care, provide Employee Assistance/Work-Life solutions and improve health through personalized Wellness opportunities to deliver positive outcomes.


Short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) plans focus on mitigating risk and getting employees healthy and back to work.

Stop loss

Our stop loss coverage plans offer specific and aggregate protection. Employers are reimbursed for all amounts over their deductible - helping to protect cash flow.

Vision Care

HumanaVision plans add tremendous value to benefit packages and make eye care affordable. Choose from two easy-to-understand plans with varying copayments and allowances.