ChoiceCare Network's vision and philosophy are built on four elements: clarity, effectiveness, scope, and responsiveness. These cornerstones, along with our aggressive growth strategy, allow ChoiceCare Network to deliver the network strength and exceptional service clients are looking for.

A Single-logo Solution

By focusing on these four areas, we’ve developed a rental network that gives clients a single-logo solution:

  • Clarity – Because we contract directly with providers, clients and their employees can be sure of who is in the network. Providers recognize the logo and what it means: ease of doing business with ChoiceCare Network.
  • Effectiveness – Our relationships with providers enable us to negotiate attractive discounts.
  • Scope – Our ongoing analyses provide a clear picture of ChoiceCare Network's composition. These reports assist us in continually enhancing the network by balancing the number and types of providers with the needs of each geographic area.
  • Responsiveness – Dedicated account managers, supported by specialized systems, are available to assist clients and answer questions promptly.

Growth strategy

ChoiceCare Network has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy to offer insurers, third-party administrators (TPAs), and large, self-funded employers broad choice, reciprocity, and administrative ease provided by a seamless nationwide network.

We've made great strides toward that goal, largely because we designed and built ChoiceCare Network from the client's perspective. The result is a network that offers the breadth, depth, and features clients want.